I got to go to a movie premier (Yay!)

A couple of nights ago, I had the privilege of attending the world premier of a film titled A Convenient Truth, directed by Dominick Bagnato and starring Alan Berman in the lead role. This was a small independent movie produced in the mockumentary style of Best in Show. Now I like the concept of independent films but they usually leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable or creeped out. But I am extremely happy to say that this film proved a delight to watch.

Director of "A Convenient Truth" after premier
Director of “A Convenient Truth” after premier

The story follows a Congressman around as he tries to build support for his initiative to solve California’s (an ultimately the world’s) energy crisis by strapping undocumented workers to bicycles and harnessing the energy produced. Going in, I thought the premise was a bit thin but due to the commitment to the characters and the earnestness with which the actors played their roles, I was quickly sucked into the story. Mr. Berman’s congressman comes off as a clueless idealist but has such passion for his cause that you can’t help but forgive him for some of his views. But the film was filled out by the equally excellent supporting cast which included his quietly alcoholic wife, an equally clueless best friend, outraged political opponents, an unhireable fast food worker, an obese teenager and many more.

I really felt that the story was beautifully crafted and edited. It jumps back and forth between the congressmen addressing the House of Representatives, an auditorium where he is speaking on the merits of his proposal, to friends and family and funniest of all; a series of commercials for ‘Burleson Labs’ which has already implemented the bicycle plan. I even liked the ending credits, where they flashed numerous sayings and sprinkled some of the major contributors amongst the quotes. It was a very clever idea to engage the audience to read and take note. I think the best measure of a film is whether people would recommend it to their friends and I definitely recommend it.

As it is an independent film, I don’t really know what the distribution plans are for it but I do hope that it has the opportunity to be shown in theaters more broadly. Thanks Dominick and Cast for creating a funny and enjoyable film.


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